Become A Tesla Carrier

Hire Tesla Taxi of America as your service provider to increase your daily ride volume and become a Tesla Carrier.

In order to hire our services you must meet all of the requirements of this checklist:

You own a Tesla Model S, 3, or X? If yes make sure you meet all of the guidelines below.

Do you meet the following requirements to classify as or your business is currently classified as a one of the following entities structure: Town Car/Limo, Taxi For Hire, Professional Chauffeur, or Shuttle Service Provider withing your state, city, and county.

What is Tesla Taxi America?

Tesla Taxi Is A Concierge Transportation Brokerage Firm. We Are Not A TNC. We arrange transportation for Corporations or LLCs, not for private drivers or independent contractors such as LYFT/UBER.

We are hired by customers as their travel provider and local Tesla Carriers to arrange or negotiate trip requests Via phone reservation or on-demand reservation made via mobile application (a settlement, deal, or plan). 

(TESLA CARRIER: A company that hires Tesla Taxi America to increase their daily trip volume)

Tesla Taxi America is not considered “the same” as, Lyft/Uber. Although, we share minor similarities that can be found within our mobile UI for Tesla Carriers and Customers.


Lyft/Uber requires their independent contractors to have a city business license (not a state business license), drivers license, insurance, for-hire permit. Lastly, Lyft/Uber contracts with individuals. 

Tesla Taxi America is hired by Tesla Carriers, we are not “partnered” with our Tesla Carriers. Our services are hired by legally register small and large companies that have their own employees, their own business name, state license, county permits, multiple city licenses, and insurance. Tesla Carries hire our services to increase their daily business.  

What are Tesla Taxi America’s services and fees? 

Tesla Taxi services are aimed at longer, intercity trips that people generally plan in advance via phone or website. On-demand rides arranged through our mobile application vs online/telephone for short distances are costly as we feature a $20.00 minimum plus $2.50 per mile for trips less than 35 miles. 

If you are going to another city, you often book a flight and hotel (or Airbnb) in advance. Tesla Taxi is similarly a booking-focused service for less common and more planned city-to-city trips. 

Once a rider inquires and books with us, we contact a local Tesla Carrier to claim the trip. 

Tesla Carriers And Customer  Associated Fees:

Tesla Taxi America retains 20% of every trip originating through the mobile application or a flat rate of $5.00 to $20.00 for reservations made online or via telephone as a booking/service fees.

Are Tesla Taxi drivers independent contractors like Lyft/Uber drivers? 

All Tesla Carriers are not independent contractors nor are they “Tesla Taxis drivers”,  they’re separate professional transportation entities. Meaning that they’re businesses that are state certified LLCs or Corporations that have Tesla’s in their fleet of vehicles. All Tesla Carriers often have their own website, yelp, and google reviews. Our services are hired by Tesla Carriers. All Tesla Carriers do not have Tesla Teaxi logos, badges, or signage such as Lyft/Ubers driver requirements.

All Tesla Carriers have their own business name, state license, county permits, city license, and necessary insurance. 

All Tesla Carriers are clients of Tesla Taxi America that hired our services to increase their daily business volume.

All Tesla Carriers are paid directly by the rider if the appointment was brokered  via online or via telephone. 

Tesla Carriers have the ability to “cash-out” instantly via the mobile application for all rides that originated through the mobile application.

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